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A fundamental assumption when analyzing a pumping test is that the water level measured represents the water level in the aquifer. This is mainly true in observation wells, but not in the pumping well (PW) itself.
The water level measured in a pumping well is not the water level in the aquifer.


In a previous article we discussed the importance of barometric compensation. In this article we discuss some important additions to our Diver-Office software that increase the flexibility for barometric data input and water level calculations.


From September 13-16th, Schlumberger Water Services (SWS) attended the 2014 AIPG/AHS National conference, hosted by the American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG) and the Arizona Hydrological Society (AHS). The event brought together over 300 attendees from all over Arizona and surrounding states for field trips, workshops, exhibition, poster session and more. Also in attendance were 38 vendors to display industry-related products and services at the trade exhibition.


On September 9th to 12th, Schlumberger Water Services (SWS) attended the United States Geological Survey (USGS) Regional Water Data Workshop in Kansas City, Missouri. The workshop provided technical training and professional development for over 350 USGS Hydrographers, with the goal of promoting inter-agency as well as international hydrologic data excellence in surface water, ground water, and water quality data collection and processing. SWS joined 36 other vendors in showcasing the latest in hydrologic data collection and processing technology. Specifically, SWS showcased its Diver-NETZ wireless groundwater monitoring system and its line of Diver groundwater dataloggers.

This weekend marks the beginning of the 2014 AIPG/AHS National Conference, hosted by the American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG) and the Arizona Hydrological Society (AHS).  From Sunday, September 13th to Tuesday, September 16th, Schlumberger Water Services will be on the exhibition floor showcasing our line of groundwater monitoring equipment, including our Diver groundwater dataloggers and the Diver-NETZ wireless groundwater monitoring system.   If you're attending the conference, we invite you to stop by Booth 8 to say hello and check out the latest offerings in groundwater monitoring technology.


We are often asked about the differences between vented and non-vented (or absolute pressure) groundwater dataloggers, and which is better.  We have extensive experience with both types of instruments.  This article presents a summary discussion of the information we typically provide on this frequently asked question.


Diver groundwater dataloggers are absolute pressure devices, meaning the internal pressure transducer reads the total pressure at the current location of the Diver.  For measurements collected in a groundwater monitoring well, Diver pressure readings are often converted to an “equivalent water level”, or essentially what the water level would be in the well if it was measured using a manual water level tape.  This blog article discusses barometric effects on Diver datalogger measurements, and how to compensate for them when calculating an equivalent water level.


Diver-Office 2014.1 Released

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We are happy to release a new version of Diver-Office - the free, easy-to-use data management software for Diver groundwater dataloggers.   The 2014.1 release includes various new features, bug fixes and enhancements.   Highlights include support for Windows 8 operating systems, barometric data importing from CSV file, and improved integration with the Diver-NETZ wireless groundwater monitoring system.  


From May 12 to June 16, the Northern Illinois University held its Field Methods in Environmental Science summer course  The outdoor field camp course is designed to give geoscience students hands-on experience in field methods and integrative problem solving related to environmental sciences.  Schlumberger Water Services (SWS) was pleased to support the hydrogeology component of the field camp by providing various groundwater equipment and software licenses to the students and faculty staff.   Specifically, SWS provided Micro-Divers for logging water levels and temperature during groundwater pumping tests, and AquiferTest Pro software licenses for analysing pumping test data and calculating hydraulic properties of the aquifer.   

On June 24th, Schlumberger Water Services, and equipment distributor Field Environmental Instruments (FEI) attended the Remediation Workshop in Washington, DC.   The workshop consisted of various presentations and demonstrations on the latest soil and groundwater technologies.  At the workshop exhibit, SWS showcased its line of groundwater monitoring technology including Diver groundwater dataloggers and the Diver-NETZ wireless groundwater monitoring system

Pictured in the photo above are Don Thompson (Schlumberger Water Services), Mitch Brourman (FEI Pittsburgh) and Ernie Harvey (FEI Philadelphia)