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Westbay System Pressure Probes

A MOSDAX* pressure probe is used for making pressure measurements. The probes record pressure, temperature and a number of performance diagnostic parameters. The output from the sensors is digitized in the probe and sent to the surface in digital format. This permits the use of a rugged but light-weight, single-conductor armored cable. The probes communicate with a surface memory and control unit (an MPCI or a MAGI) which can be connected to a handheld controller or a notebook computer.

Strings of Probes

MOSDAX probes can be connected in series along a single cable to provide continuous multi-level pressure measurements. Up to 31 probes can be placed on a cable up to 1,200 m (4,000 ft) in length. The data is recorded on a MOSDAX data logger (MDL) or on a MAGI™ data logger.

The data can be recorded at pre-selected intervals or when the pressure exceeds settable windows. Alarms can be triggered and phoning sequences initiated.

Modems or RF communication units can be attached to the data loggers to send the data to remote offices. Probes can be instructed to undergo in-situ calibration checks for periodic assurance of sensor performance.

The strings of probes can be removed for recalibration, repair or replacement of individual probes. When a series of probes is used in an array of boreholes, real-time, 3-D fluid pressure data can be obtained. A row of boreholes equipped with strings of probes could be used to construct a pressure-sensing wall to automatically detect any significant variations in fluid pressure.

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