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Hydro GeoAnalyst 2014 streamlines environmental data management to increase efficiency, reduce costs and provide greater insight into your environmental data. Learn more »

Environmental Data Management, Analysis and Visualization Software

Hydro GeoAnalyst is the all-in-one groundwater and environmental data management software that integrates a complete range of easy-to-use analysis and reporting tools, with a powerful yet flexible SQL Server database technology.


With Hydro GeoAnalyst, you can expect the highest level of performance and a completely scalable solution to meet your groundwater and environmental project demands! Hydro GeoAnalyst is an all-in-one desktop concept that provides one-click access to many powerful features (e.g. Data Transfer System, Query Editor, GIS Map Manager, 2D Cross-Section Editor, 3D-Explorer, Template Manager, Report Editor, and much more!)

7A Data Management Solution to Ground Water and Environmental Projects

Hydro GeoAnalyst Flexibility

  • Design the SQL Server database structure, borehole log templates, and reporting styles that YOU want
  • Add or remove tables and fields, design an unlimited number of lookup tables and soil specifications, and export the modified database structure and templates for use in all your new projects

Hydro GeoAnalyst Scalability

  • Ability to expand the scope, size, and structure of your SQL Server database
  • Ability to expand the scope, size, and structure of your database at any point in the project, overcoming a major limitation found with other similar database solutions
  • Applicable for projects with data sets ranging from 4 to 4000 wells

Hydro GeoAnalyst Expandability

Hydro GeoAnalyst is now integrated with AquiferTest Pro and AquaChem so that you can start your projects in Hydro GeoAnalyst and expand your set of analytical tools as your projects grow to meet all of your hydrogeological analysis needs.


Hydro GeoAnalyst Product Details Overview

Project And Data Management An easy-to-use Project Wizard guides you in creating the database and project details, there are no restrictions or limitations to the number of database structures or tables you define.
List Editor Built-in List Editor automatically creates helpful look-up lists for any database field, reducing the number of typo/errors typically encountered with manual data entry.
Query Builder Hydro GeoAnalyst provides practical search/query tools to help you access and interact with your data using the industry-standard ''Structured Query Language'' (SQL).
Cross Section Editor Hydro GeoAnalyst comes with a fully-integrated cross-section tool designed with all the features you need to create report-ready cross-section interpretations.
Borehole Log Plotter Built-in Borehole Log Plotter supports the design and creation of professional borehole logs and well construction reports.
Template Manager Allows you to easily create user-defined, project-specific or regulatory driven database structures. Or you can choose from one of our default templates.
Materials Specification Editor The Materials Specifications Editor is designed with features to help you manage and edit soil standards, or create specific soil standards based on your needs.
Data Transfer System
The Data Transfer System enables comprehensive importing of data from almost any format. The easy, step-by-step process for importing your data means you can be working with the results in minutes.
Map Manager The Map Manager is built on ESRI technology and is packed with an abundance of GIS mapping features that seamlessly connect your project maps with the Hydro GeoAnalyst database.
HGA 3D Explorer A powerful three dimensional visualization and animation package that is integrated within Hydro GeoAnalyst. The 3D-Explorer was designed as a tool for displaying fence diagrams, well locations with lithology, maps, contours, and plumes all within the same 3D environment.
Report Editor A time-saving component used for creating professional reports that include well profiles, maps, cross-sections, 3D views, data tables, images, and more.
Event Planning Module Easily plan and schedule sampling rounds and other field activities. Event Plan reports can be converted into reports and given to field personnel for keeping track of progress in the field. Hydro GeoAnalyst's built-in calendar automatically reminds you when future sampling rounds are due.
Free Online Publishing Securely publish your environmental data to the web for communicating and presenting your data to colleagues and project stakeholders. Display your environmental data with interactive Google Maps displays, tabular reports, station details and water level charts.
Electronic Data Deliverable (EDD) Workflows

Effortlessly generate customized EDD templates in HGA and send them to your data providers and field personnel, who can then validate their data against your template before submitting it back to you. You can then quickly import the validated EDDs into HGA faster than ever before using the new EDD import tool. Learn more about the EDD workflow.

Additional Information

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System Requirements

Hardware Requirements

Operating Systems

Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate (SP1)
Windows Vista Business, Ultimate or Enterprise (SP2)


32-bit or 64-bit

Hard Disk

500 MB


2 GB (4 or more recommended)

Networking Hardware

Network Card (required for soft key licensing)


Software Requirements

Microsoft .NET Framework v.4.0 of higher

Microsoft SQL Server Express 2008 R2 or 2012. Please note that the standard edition is also supported. SQL Server 2012 is not supported on the XP Operating System.

Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2005 Redistributable.


Additional Requirements

For the Mobile EDD features, we recommend the following:

Apple or Android device

Safari or Chrome mobile internet browser

The Hydro GeoAnalyst QuickChecker Plugin for Excel requires the following:

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime v10.0.50325