Environmental Data Management, Analysis and Visualization Software

Hydro GeoAnalyst is the all-in-one groundwater and environmental data management system that stores and organizes environmental data, and helps you quickly create comprehensive analytical results that are reliable and easy to understand.

With Hydro GeoAnalyst, groundwater professionals, geoscientists and government agencies have all the tools required to effectively and efficiently manage large volumes of data, and make informed decisions about environmental and water resources.

Why choose Hydro GeoAnalyst?

Save time and money

Increase efficiency and achieve cost savings with streamlined and automated data collection, data import, analysis and reporting workflows.

Improve data quality

Hydro GeoAnalyst standardizes your organization and intelligently validates all data upon import, ensuring it meets quality requirements for reliable analyses and informed decision making.

Get started fast

Hydro GeoAnalyst helps you kick start your project by providing an environmental database template that consist of tables and fields for common environmental data types, common borehole log templates and report templates.

Always be in control

Unlike other commercial environmental data management software packages, Hydro GeoAnalyst gives you complete control over your database, allowing you to fully customize the database structure to accommodate project needs and scale your database as data volumes grow.

Gain critical insight

Gain greater insight into your environmental data with a suite of integrated analysis, interpretation and visualization tools including Map Manager, Cross Section Editor, Borehole Log Plotter, Time Series Charts, 3D Explorer and more. Unlike other commercial data management systems, the analysis tools included with Hydro GeoAnalyst are developed solely by Schlumberger Water Services which saves you money, guarantees interoperability, and simplifies procurement and license management.

Keep vital information at your fingertips

The Query Builder is a powerful tool that helps you create, save and recall simple to complex data queries without having to know complicated SQL syntax. Easily define the conditions of your query by dragging and dropping database fields, and choosing the desired logical operators (AND, OR, LIKE and IS).

Collaborate and communicate efficiently

Hydro GeoAnalyst stores all your data in a single, centralized database that can be accessed securely by multiple users across a network. Borehole logs, maps, cross-section diagrams, time-series charts and reports can be easily retrieved by team members and key decision makers.

Maximize efficiency in the field

Hydro GeoAnalyst streamlines field data collection with easy-to-use planning tools and support for mobile electronic data deliverables. Easily plan and schedule your field trips, and then conveniently collect your data using your Apple or Android smart phone device.


    • Manage data for local, state and federal groundwater monitoring networks
    • Manage data associated with remediation projects
    • Manage well construction details and registration information
    • Analyze borehole data acquired for mineral exploration
    • Interpret geologic and hydrostratigrpahic data
    • Mapping and reporting of aquifer extents and geologic formations
    • Store and report landfill monitoring data
    • Evaluate and report the spatial distribution of water quality parameters
    • Groundwater vulnerability assessment and protection planning


Effortless Environmental Data Management

Universal Data Transfer System

Easily import and validate data from virtually any data source, including Excel, Access, other MS SQL databases, EDDs and Mobile EDDs, Diver MON files or LAS files.

Template Manager

Fully customize your environmental database to your specific project needs with options to add unlimited tables and fields

Query Builder

Easily create, save and recall data queries and extract useful information about your project. Knowledge of SQL Server syntax is not required!

List Editor

Create and assign picklists to database fields (Chemical Name, Soil Type) for consistent and reliable data entry

Material Specifications Editor

Create, edit and manage all soil classifications and patterns for your project

Electronic Data Deliverables

Create import templates for data providers, and easily validate and import submitted electronic data

QA/QC Lab Assessment

Verify the accuracy of laboratory result through the analysis of blank, duplicate and spiked samples, dilution factors, detection limits and holding times


Streamlined Field Planning

Event Planner

Easily plan future sampling events and other field activities, schedule recurring sampling rounds and set automatic reminders to ensure a sampling round is never missed

Field Plan Reports

Event plans are automatically converted into reports which can be printed and given to field personnel for keeping track of progress in the field

Integrated Data Analysis & Visualization

Borehole Log Plotter

Create and display borehole logs showing lithology, descriptions, well construction details, depth-based plots, groundwater levels and more

Map Manager

Create detailed maps of your site, and visualize station data, recharge areas, contours of water table and contaminant hot spots

Cross Section Editor

Produce detailed cross section diagrams showing geologic, hydrogeologic and model layers


Generate impressive 3D renderings and animations of your boreholes, fences diagrams and transient contaminant plumes

Geochemistry Extension

Analyze chemical data with over 25 geochemical plots, statistical and trend analyses and exceedence reports

ArcGIS™ Integration

Connect directly to ArcGIS for performing advanced queries, mapping and geospatial analysis on your data

Flexible Reporting

Print to Excel™ & Powerpoint™

Quickly send tabular data, time series plots and borehole log plots to Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint templates

Hydro GeoAnalyst Online

Securely publish project data to the web for communicating and presenting data to colleagues and stakeholders

Report Editor

Create fully customizable reports showing tables, time series plots, maps, borehole logs and more

PowerPoint and Excel are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. ArcGIS is a registered trademark of Esri. † Requires a license of AquaChem water quality analysis software.


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System Requirements

System Requirements

Hardware Requirements

Operating Systems

Windows 8.1 Pro or Enterprise
Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate (SP1)


32-bit or 64-bit

Hard Disk

500 MB (Minimum)


4 GB (Minimum)

Networking Hardware

Network Card (required for soft key licensing)

Software Requirements

Microsoft .NET Framework v.4.0 or higher

Microsoft SQL Server Express 2008 R2 or 2012.

Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2005 Redistributable.

Additional Requirements

For the Mobile EDD features, we recommend the following:

Apple or Android device

Safari or Chrome mobile internet browser

The Hydro GeoAnalyst QuickChecker Plugin for Excel requires the following:

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime v10.0.50325


Hydro GeoAnalyst Pricing

Commercial Standalone License $5995.00 USD
Commercial Team License $8992.50 USD
Government License $5095.75 USD
Classroom License $5995.00 USD

Already have a license and looking to upgrade to the latest version? Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or your local distributor for upgrade pricing.